Jason MacKenzie is a musician and author from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University. He is the lead Guitarist and Vocalist for the Death Metal Band Collapse from Halifax, Nova Scotia and is currently working on his first book series called "Space Command" which is a science fiction series. The draft and information about the book series are published on the internet.

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Currently the Collapse albums are not in print but are available in free digital format on the bands label website and the books are currently in production but drafts will be posted as free ebooks on the books website. 

Email: contact@jasonmackenzie.net

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Jason MacKenzie Blog:

Jason MacKenzie's blog is cuurently at jasonjamesmackenzie.blogspot.com or you can use www.jasonjamesmackenzie.com as a redirect to blogspot.








Space Command is a science fiction book series currently in production.



Collapse is a Death Metal band from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.



Forward Regression Records is the label name of Jason Mackenzie's band Collapse.



Banzairecords.com Heavy Metal News Music Blog:






Jason MacKenzie is currently maintaining tribute page for his bands's old record label "Great White North Records"  and their successor label "Prodisk Music" to help preserve the old metal scene promotions that were around Great White North Records in 2006 when they closed.

Great White North Records Tribute Page:



Prodisk Music Tribute Page:



Here is some of Abstract Art I Made:

This is called "Abstract Sunset by Jason MacKenzie" and is supposed to be a Sunset in the middle with a partial rainbow or "prism" coming off it like sun beams.


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